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 Cobble Hill’s Pollitos is licensed by the State of New York and complies with all applicable standards and all regulations. We are fully insured, Infant/Child CPR certified and hold the Health and Training certification as mandated by New York Department of Health. Our philosophy is to provide your child with the safest environment possible while providing a fun, learning curriculum. As a provider, my #1 goal is the safety of your son/daughter. Our mission is to provide safe, loving environment for children ages 2 years- 5 years old. Children will enjoy learning activities as well as gain social interaction in a bilingual (Spanish / English) setting. Activities: • Full Time/ All Year Round • Bilingual ( English/ Spanish ) Program • Mother Goose Curriculum • Free Mommy & Daddy Date Night • Organic & All Natural Meals & Snacks • Spanish 101 With Abuelita “Api Tapi” • Music, and Art Classes

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We focus on the Mother Goose curriculum, a comprehensive Preschool Curriculum System.

"It is designed to support the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of young children."

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 Pollitos (po-yee-toes)…."Decoded" As a child, I always had a sense of belonging, I felt nurtured, appreciated, wanted, cared for but most importantly loved. I often reminisce of the affectionate names our mother called us ….Pollitos (little chicks), Pajaritos (little birds), Muñequitos (little dolls). It seems as though anything ending at “tos" transformed to utter cuteness, well except Terremotitos (little earthquakes). To this day, these little nicknames continue to be used, yes, still into our 30’s and not only do we love them but we are carrying on the tradition to our own children; future generations. My own 1 ½ year-old is the recipient of a handful of names; Pedazito (little bit), Pepi and Mookie (not sure where those came from) and others less used. Our mother, standing at 5' 1", has not only sacrificed so much for her children but has also shown love and showered us with affection. She has also earned a list of endearing names. I hope that this simple, silly explanation of the word “Pollitos” makes sense to those who read. As a mother, and a provider I completely understand the concerns of having to return to work after maternity leave. Todays’ middle class family structure often calls for two working parents to sustain quality of life. That’s where we come in. Parents have expressed that they are finding it difficult to obtain childcare. Some facilities are too far away, while others are becoming overbooked and have waiting lists. We offer reliable childcare with the convenience of local proximity. If you are looking for safe, convenient, child care that nourishes children in a loving, bilingual environment; then Pollitos is the place for you!